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Convivium, built-in snack bar

Convivium is open space, a kitchen as an agile organised area, where being together becomes something to share anew every day, a place where a whole series of concrete actions – storing, preparing, cooking – are turned into rituals and emotions. Aromas in the kitchen tell of familiar tales or distant places, old recipes are handed down and new ones experimented and most importantly, everyone eats together around the big table. Convivium furnishes the walls of a room that becomes warm, welcoming and functional, with island-table in the centre and canopy shelves running round the whole room at picture rail height.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and family activity, for everyday sharing. Compact and minimal, the island integrates preparation and cooking, with room for socialising and features a very slim worktop with recess and Convivium Elegant door in Vintage stainless steel. The finish is the result of a manual process that gives the steel a ’warmer’ look, perfect with the elegant soft fossil oak wood of the snack bar table, the open unit, and built-in drawers. The same drawers are used in the functional wall of tall units behind the island. With Fenix NTM® hazelnut Convivium Elegant door, this houses, in the middle, the Mac, the handy multifunction unit designed to provide useful extra work space.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units

–.–.–. Washing cycle

……… Food Preparation cycle

Vintage stainless steel for the Convivium work island with 31 mm thick Vintage stainless steel worktop with 12 mm deep recess and 6 mm front edge, New Convivium hood with glass border; 84 cm tall Convivium Elegant door and NTF fossil oak for the built-in Era convivial snack table, drawers and fully equipped day area. Behind the island, the wall of tall units with fridge and cupboard to the sides, door with vertical Artusi handle, central area with drawers in NTF fossil oak and MAC with Convivium Elegant door in hazelnut Fenix NTM®.
A light-filled room characterised by colours and materials that lend it well-defined identity, where functionality and movement of work in the kitchen perfectly partner the rigour and formal sharpness of the project.
The Convivium Elegant door in Vintage stainless steel with integrated handle is the outcome of exclusive production technologies, lengthy product testing and Arclinea's desire to create unique, original solutions. Inside, base unit with pull-out drawer in black finish with black front.
In the centre of the wall, fitted with tall units with Convivium Elegant door in hazelnut Fenix NTM®, the MAC (Mini-Appliances-Container), the 120 cm side functional unit for storage and use of small electrical appliances. It has NTF fumé oak linings, built-in lighting, electric sockets, pull-out tray, frame in steel and Stopsol glass. Underneath, it houses drawers with door in NTF fossil oak and integrated handle.
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