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Artusi is strength, rigour and design awareness. A project by Antonio Citterio that was the outcome of development and amplification of the innovative criteria of Italia, translating them into multi-purpose, independent, ergonomic steel units. Resolute and powerful yet extremely flexible, Artusi offers complete freedom for personalised home kitchen layout and design. Wood, lacquers and laminates join forces with steel to give a wide range of personal solutions. Artusi has been modernised over the years, leading it to become the highest example today of the professional kitchen specifically for the home.


This is the professional kitchen with the measurements, performance and widest design versatility for home use. High-content evolution that powers up the concept of domestic professionalism, the natural ‘vocation’ of Artusi. Artusi is made-to-measure, up to 3 metres. It always comes on feet and can be fitted with any of the doors from the Arclinea Collection.


Artusi Gourmet Hood, in stainless steel, measures 120, 180 and 240 cm, 54 cm deep. In extraction or filter version, the latter also available with professional active carbon filters.

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