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Exclusive Elements

Each Arclinea kitchen is the result of careful design in line with the Collection: a unique and distinctive world of products that changes over time without ever getting old. Each new product is conceived to become a part of the whole. The Arclinea Collection is a design template, a set of transversal elements linked by a fil rouge, an inimitable unicum of solutions, made to meet the requirements of concrete, daily, creative and shared use. Arclinea intends the kitchen to increasingly use the systems belonging to other rooms and reach out to new cultures, uses of space, utilisations. It is expected to know how to integrate new functions and meet the challenges of technology. Each project, therefore, must meet different criteria, while persisting in complying with ergonomic rules as well as with the needs dictated by safety and sustainability. Attention to detail, to materials, to style, dialogues with research and innovation, leading to surprising results.


The worktops exclusive to Arclinea, flat and with recesses or drip guards, are engineered to allow for dedicated design and for their integration with functional elements. They are available for wall-mounted and island/peninsula kitchen projects and can be applied to any model of the Collection.



Made of stainless steel or Vintage steel, the Accessorised Channel is a functional element 20 cm wide to which accessories can be added via a set of elements that by design can be placed anywhere: some are removable and interchangeable, others are fixed to the channel, according to specific need. The accessories include tap, electrified Totem socket, dish rack and glass rack, sponge holder, bottle rack, cooking utensils rack, as well as the Hide worktop hood. The channel can become a highly functional element in professional islands, or allow to separate the preparation area from the dining area on convivial islands.


The exclusive Specialty hob has 5 high-efficiency gas burners, electronic ignition, knobs on the right side, cast iron pan supports, cooktop available in stainless steel, Vintage steel, black PVD stainless steel. Available for smooth worktops or worktops with recess, even in the version with pan support grid to the left, and can be inserted on worktops starting from 70 cm long.

"I believe the most interesting aspect about working with Arclinea is that of not designing
models but compatible elements."

Antonio Citterio


Each kitchen project must be able to solve concrete and daily needs. Aspiration is certainly one of these and must be addressed by considering, in the first instance, the technical and spatial aspects. Arclinea has always tackled this crucial issue, developing elements that are able to accommodate and integrate effective extraction systems: without forgetting the formal and stylistic aspects of the environment designed in its complexity.



Drawers and deep drawers house accessories with different volumes, sizes and purposes. Arclinea solutions are highly customisable, to meet the specific needs of everyday work in the kitchen. They are simple, intelligent, elegant systems: extremely useful for keeping the insides of drawers neat and tidy.



As an important and constantly evolving issue that is impacted by the various ways it is handled, waste sorting is approached by Arclinea with the aim of offering optimal solutions and adequate space.

"These elements are capable of evolving
but anyhow remain parts of a system,
an open system that never disowns
its matrix."

Antonio Citterio


The space between the kitchen worktop and the wall units, always in sight and within easy reach, requires precise design based on selection according to function. At the same time it must consider which tools and accessories are needed for everyday use.


The Single Shelf and Double Shelf system suspended with tie-rods from the ceiling are available in black, bronze and champagne PVD stainless steel, stainless steel and Vintage stainless steel with tool rail running around the edge. Complete with 3000K LED lighting, they can be used for island/peninsula or linear layout kitchens.


Precious and refined workmanship, accompanied by solid wood details, are the features of the Era System collection: a line of tables, snack tables, snack bars 4 cm thick, integrated with the operational islands using exclusive connection systems. The extremely flexible and rich line offers the chance to personalise islands and peninsulas with original convivial tables, available in the entire range of Collection wood finishes.


More than just tools and functions, the kitchen increasingly includes solutions that build and define the perfect living space. The systems offered by Arclinea are conceived to meet the most diverse of needs with easily integrated solutions, real elements and modularity for the construction of personalised architecture.

"In designing kitchens, it is fundamental not to start from the envelope but to focus on that complex production process that takes place in the ‘kitchen space’."

Antonio Citterio


The diffused 3000K LED lighting system, an Arclinea exclusive for base units, drawers, deep drawers and tall units, is ideal for the correct lighting of internal spaces. It is fitted with a motion sensor for turning the lights on when the door is opened as well as a switch for continuous lighting.


It is the Arclinea vocation to combine technological research with the use of materials that have always been the main players of its products: wood with a new-gen finish that highlights the naturalness of the material, steel and the original colouring that makes it warm and welcoming. Plus laminates—innovative, velvety and solid.


Vina, Vina Epicure, Vina & Contenitore, Madia, can be used individually, together or integrated into the walls of tall units. The types with Vina refrigerating wine unit have stainless steel interiors and stainless steel bottle racks, and are available in two different versions: double temperature (from 12°C to 18°C and from 4°C to 12°C) and single temperature (from 12°C to 18°C). The Contenitore, Epicure and Madia units have wooden interiors in the range of Collection wood finishes.

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