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For this new project by Antonio Citterio, Arclinea starts with the essence, with the basic principles of the kitchen, reworked: new steel technology and natural wood cutting. The extraordinary result lies in the link between these basic principles, which show something absolutely original: new direction for interior design, new direction for kitchen furnishings, through unprecedented combinations of materials and colours. Principia teams a grained wood in a “rough” finish with stainless steel in the innovative colours generated with the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technological process. Natural materials, innovative production technologies and artisan details in a dialogue with each other and with the evolution of work zones. The resulting new units, dressers and dedicated storage units are then developed internally to become true work zones.


A modern metropolitan living context that preserves all the pleasures of tradition, reworked with an aesthetic approach and a contemporary functional vision. This, in brief, is the aim of a kitchen project where Principia, with its characteristic framed wooden door, helps to define a warm, welcoming feel. A deliberate style choice teamed with technical finishes such as the black pvd steel on the island doors and the Double Shelf, with the polished Nero Assoluto granite worktops with recess in the work areas, and the glass on the wall unit doors. The modernity of this kitchen responds to its space, an original layout in which, to the sides of the central island with Era snack bar top, a corner solution develops a work area with base units, accessorised back panel, glass-fronted wall units and wall for storage and technical equipment.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units

–.–.–. Washing cycle

……… Food Preparation cycle

The Convivium island, Convivium Elegant door in black PVD steel with built-in Era snack bar in NTF fossil oak, complete with glass splash guard, footrest in steel and wood and double shelf in black PVD, concentrates the functions of eating and washing up. Alongside it, the zone fitted out for preparation and cooking, with deep drawer base units and tall units with Principia door, Principia integrated handle in black PVD, generous 6 cm thick worktop in Nero Assoluto granite with drip guard. The exclusive Arclinea, Mensolinea Shelf and Mensoluce Shelf run around the wall between the base and 60 cm tall wall units in wired Stopsol glass, for everyday efficiency with everything within reach and sight.
Different finishes in perfect harmony for the Convivium island for eating and washing up and the Principia accessorised zone for storage, food preparation and washing. Dedicated lighting is the main player vital for optimum working conditions in the kitchen. Indirect 3000K LED lighting inside the Principia tall units; dedicated lighting on the Double Shelf in black PVD on the convivial island and over the worktop, with the Mensoluce Shelf in black anodised aluminium housing the Double Shelf Hood and 3000K LED lighting profile.

In the Convivium work island with Convivium Elegant door in black PVD steel, internal drawers with side panels in stainless steel e drawer front in teak, fitted with Box Globe accessories. The food preparation and washing zone has an 8 cm thick worktop in polished Nero Assoluto granite, induction hob, undertop sink in black PVD, worktop waste bin and sliding grids in PaperStone®, which become a useful, flexible additional worktop. The deep drawer base units Principia door in NTF fossil oak and Principia integrated handle in black PVD are fitted with waste bin, internal drawers and Box Globe accessories.


Cosy and warm, but also very rational, this Principia kitchen features fossil oak wood as its main player. The central work area has base units with doors in wood and handles with insert in black PVD steel, worktop with drip guard in very thick Idra Brown unpolished marble housing sink in Gun Metal steel, induc ion hob, worktop waste bin, sliding grids in PaperStone® and wooden chopping boards. Above the worktops, the open wall units in wood and exclusive Arclinea Lighting Shelf and Mensolinea shelf play important functional roles: from focused illumination to fume extraction, through to orderly storage of small everyday objects, thanks to their sliding accessories in wood and ceramic. On the right, the straight wall of tall units houses the refrigerators, ovens and, in the corner, the WIC, the ‘Walk in Closet’ unit with internal wooden finish and motion sensor lighting. On the left, the big Era peninsula dinner table, perfect for socialising, with edges in shaped solid wood.

1. Fridge 2. Food Preparation 3. Sink 4. Cooktop 5. Oven 6. Waste bin 7. Dishwasher 8. Tall units

–.–.–. Washing cycle

……… Food Preparation cycle


Detail of Principia door in fossil oak with insert in black PVD steel, worktop with drip guard in 20 cm thick Idra Brown marble.


Accessorised wall with Mensoluce lighting shelf and Mensolinea shelf in black anodised aluminium, accessories in wood and ceramic, open wall units with built-in lighting.

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